Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 (2017)


Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Kurt Russell, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker

Plot: The sequel “continues the team’s adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage” (

Rating: 9/10

Overall: I basically gave it a 9 out of 10 simply because it wasn’t as good as the first. It was still good though! Don’t get me wrong. The cast was amazing – just like the first. I think the criticism for the plot being a little darker and not being able to have that “magical” experience watching the sequel can be taken lightly. It is slightly darker in the plot, but I definitely think it still carries the good humor and “magical” feeling throughout the entire film. I have to say (without indicating any spoilers) that Baby Groot is by far my favorite character. He’s absolutely hilarious and is, in my opinion, the glue to the film. I also don’t think I’ve seen a film where Kurt Russell plays anything but a “nice guy,” (probably just me) but this film definitely brought out a different side to him that I personally haven’t seen in his films before.


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