To Write Love On Her Arms (2015)

TWLOHA movie 2015

Starring: Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend, Mark Saul, Juliana Harkavy

Plot: Based on the true story of the global movement, To Write Love On Her Arms, this film tells the story of a young woman, Renee Yohe, who struggles with bipolar disorder, depression, addiction and self-injury. She befriends a man named Jamie Tworkowski who eventually writes Yohe’s story of struggles and finding help. This is the story of how To Write Love On Her Arms came to life, bringing millions of people together from all over the world to spread the simple message that, “love is the movement,” and “people need other people.”

Rating: 10/10

Overall: I’ll admit that I am completely biased in this review, and that even if I hated the film, I still would’ve rated it a 10 on the simple fact that it’s bringing awareness to such a taboo subject and expanding the TWLOHA community. I joined TWLOHA back in 2009. I was self-injuring and suffering from depression and anxiety. I was suicidal as well. While I wasn’t necessarily active, having TWLOHA gave me a sense of belonging, that there was a community available if I ever found the courage to reach out for help. It was essentially a safety net for me.

In any case, I knew vaguely about the foundation of the organization, but after watching the film, I truly began to understand the roots of it all. I cried, not going to lie. It’s a very powerful film in the sense that if you have experienced these kinds of things firsthand—like I have—or maybe even knew someone who has gone through similar struggles, it sort of stirs up bad memories, many emotions and makes you realize how fortunate you truly area to be here. I still can’t truly formulate complete thoughts on it, but I can tell you this much:

There is one line in the film that not only gave me goosebumps, but was this sort of…wake up call. Renee says, “I think what this whole thing about is when I finally asked my friends for help, I got it.” I think that perfectly sums up this entire film, movement and review altogether.


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