Selma (2015)

Selma movie

Starring: David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Wilkinson, André Holland, Colman Domingo, Omar J Dorsey

Plot: A chronicle of Martin Luther King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 (

Rating: 9.5/10

Overall: I’m still trying to formulate a complete thought on this film. To start, I’ll admit that I had no idea what the Selma significance was. However, I knew the film was about the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King being one of my favorite historical figures of all time, I wanted to see the film. This film is so incredibly powerful…from the amazing acting to the speeches to the violence and all the historical portrayals of that time period was just breathtaking. It was definitely a film that made you squirm—in a good way! It forced you to go through just about every emotion possible. When someone died (c’mon, don’t be mad. That was NOT a spoiler!), you felt the loss. When someone said something racist, you felt enraged. When something was successful, you felt triumphant. Whatever the film experienced, you experienced. While I’m sure it was meant for entertainment and to sort of enrich that part of history, it was also very educational (for me at least). Like I said, I didn’t know about the march from Selma to Montgomery. In the film, they included some other powerful activists and leaders like Lyndon B Johnson, and Malcolm X, and their relationships with MLK, as well as the civil rights movement. This might be a SPOILER (depending how you view it, so read at your own discretion), but I really liked how the film did NOT talk about, re-enact or anything along those lines the assassination of MLK anywhere in the film (minus the one statement of his death at the very end—basically just acknowledging his death). It was refreshing that it focused on the Selma event—which makes sense since that’s the film’s title!—and left you feeling this positive, empowered feeling, rather than an angry, depressed feeling if the assassination were included. I feel like adding his assassination would’ve taken away from the film’s final punch. So overall, I was happy with the film. Gave it a 9.5 on the simple fact that I wanted more details of certain things, like Malcolm X, the I Have a Dream Speech (which I know would’ve led up to his assassination addition to the film), what happened after his death, etc.


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