The Purge: Anarchy (Preview)

First off, the trailer itself has already revealed a failing plot. There is absolutely no way that two people—whom I might add are already portrayed as idiots—can survive The Purge in big city. The first film was bad enough (located around a wealthy family in a neighborhood), so I’m quite pissed that they’re releasing The Purge: Anarchy before remaking the first. The only way I can see this film actually being successful is if they build some sort of plausible, intelligent characters that can navigate and use the city to their advantage. Perhaps if they create strong characters—even a twist where maybe one of them realizes they hate the other, or tries to kill the other—would be pretty epic.

The Purge is such an incredible idea, I just wish Hollywood would find some more creative thinkers and writers to create and develop it more intricately. I want to divulge in the concept rather than the “action” and partaking in The Purge itself. I want to see more of a government reaction to it, like reports and others coming together in the days/weeks before The Purge to discuss/debate the “truth” of The Purge. I want scientific and psychological exploration to the long and short term effects of The Purge on the society as a whole in comparison to select individuals or races. There’s so much to explore and I firmly believe that is where this film production is lacking tremendously.


**NOTE: This trailer is different than the one I originally saw. But does NOT change my opinion about the film regardless**


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