For the Love of Horror!

What the F?: I Demand a Remake

Have you ever seen a film that was so horrendous that right after watching it you say, “Gosh, I hope they remake this”? Or perhaps you have a film that you love so much to the point of wanting to explore it more. That’s exactly what this list describes. I have formulated some ideas as to how they could remake these films. For those of you not too interested in horror, don’t watch horror, etc. I’ve provided links to descriptions (via IMDB) and other resources for each film discussed.

This idea is phenomenally amazing. It had incredible potential but the film failed terribly to deliver that. I felt that the focal point (a wealthy family being the target) was distracting from the purpose of the actual story, and the strict confinements to just that one house/neighborhood was painfully boring. I think expanding it into a larger scale, like maybe take people from different classes and show flashbacks of how they got to where they are now, and the intersection with others, and then show The Purge across the nation. I think it’d be cool to experiment with race (how does crime typically rank across races? does it change with The Purge?), socioeconomics (are poor people more likely to kill each other, or smart enough to gang up and kill all the rich people? Will the rich kill the poor?), and regions (Do certain states or areas with high crime escalate even more? Do certain states or towns have more participants in The Purge than others?) with The Purge.

I really tried to love this film and for what it stood for, but I just couldn’t. The only scene I truly appreciated was when all the “creatures” were attacking each other. I felt that scene truly defined its purpose in a way. I liked the concept of the film, but I just don’t think it transitioned well into an actual film.

I’m not entirely sure I have formulated an opinion as to how this should be remade yet. All I can say is that the way they made these people “possessed” or whatever is just…amateur. It was like a cross between The Last Exorcism meets The Haunting in Connecticut. Everything was eerie, jumpy, yet incredibly predictable.

The first three were solid films, definitely redefined the genre of horror, and I’m not saying that it is bad by any means for reasoning of wanting a remake. But I definitely think it’d be nice to challenge this film in a remake to sort of rebirth what it started, instead of continuing the rubbish it became in the downward spiral it took in the later continuation. I’d like to see what these filmmakers could come up with to redevelop it into something even cooler than the original.

Sequels: So Good, I Want More!

Ever see a first (or in some rare cases, sequel) and want more? These are some films that left the first (and for my last choice, second) film open ended and with great potential for a sequel!

I think as a sequel, you could approach it two different ways. One idea I had was to take the viewer into this alternate world Bughuul takes the children to. It was vaguely discussed in the first film what Bughuul does, but it’d be interesting to sort of expand or explore that realm. In the film, Bughuul doesn’t speak and barely appears as is except for on film [within the film]. It’d be cool to see what kind of evil spirit this thing really is through his interaction or possession of the children, how he chooses families, etc. Another idea I had was to just continue the story and perhaps have another family [perhaps a family member from the previous family] and either have them undergo the same haunting/terrors. OR have them sort of “investigate” what happened to the family members and perhaps even stop what Bughuul is doing.

That ending sucked. It drew such a rage out of me, it made me desire a sequel…to put that kind of emotion into the female lead [Brittany Snow’s character] and build a sequel on that. Things to incorporate into the sequel: revenge on the doctor, cause of death for the brother, and perhaps an encounter with family members of those who played the game, as well as Julian for whom she had an “interesting” encounter with at the house.

This is the most disturbing, amazingly cringe-worthy films I’ve seen in a while. I loved the first and second films, and so desperately pray for a third to tie everything up. Yes, I’m hoping for loose ends to be tied and for it to just end in the third installment. I also want The Collector to be revealed.


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