The To Do List (2013)


Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Johnny Simmons, Rachel Bilson, Bill Hader, Scott Porter, Connie Britton, Clark Gregg

Plot: A recent high school graduate virgin (Plaza) dedicates her summer to getting as much “sexual experience” as possible and makes having sex with Rusty Waters (Porter) her biggest goal.

Rating: 9/10

Overall: Pretty funny in an awkward, brutally honest and surprisingly refreshing, raunchy humorous film! There’s a great mix of honest, realistic situations of sexual experiences in here. The humor is awesome through the character development and each one plays a role in the “growing up” phase of life between high school and college. The ending was quite…not bad, necessarily, but definitely could’ve done more than it did. Overall, though, I think this film was refreshingly blunt, funny and made you squirm a little.


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