The Great Gatsby (2013)


Starring: Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire

Plot: The adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, follows the story of Nick Carraway (Maguire) is fascinated by the life of his rich neighbor, Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) but eventually sees the madness in Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy (Mulligan). Their love affair is complicated through years of seaparation and her marriage to Tom Buchanan (Edgerton) and their love triangle results in tragedy.

Overall: 3/10

Review: I honestly feel that with this film, you either loved it or you hated it regardless if you read the book or saw the original. Personally, I have seen the original, but unfortunately, have not read the book. I love Fitzgerald as a writer through the snippets of his work that I have read. I have come to the conclusion that I just do not like the story or the film. I like the original better than the recent remake of it. Though the parties and amazing effects that are put into the 2013 adaptation, I just don’t think it holds up to the standards of this novel. I felt a more modern vibe—though understanding of it—and didn’t like how it changed the “feel” of the film. I gave it a 3/10 for sticking to the plot and the original. Like I said, I think a large part of this low rating is due to the personal dislike of the story itself—despite the incredible talent Fitzgerald truly possessed.


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