The Internship (2013)

the internship

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi

Plot: Two men (Vaughn & Wilson) take an internship with Google in hopes of giving themselves a second chance at a career. Though finding it difficult to fit in a world of technology they seemingly know nothing about, the two surprisingly offer a wide spectrum of other experiences that these high-tech interns could never offer.

Overall: 4/10

Review: I didn’t hear much about this film, but decided to give it a chance. I was shocked at how cliché, boring and underdeveloped this film was. There were parts that I thought were hilarious, and thought that the film offered many chances to make even more. However, most of these humorous parts were dragged out (like a joke being told, then explained in depth) that it became so bland and unoriginal. Vaughn and Wilson are typically great picks for comedy films, but I was truly disappointed with their performances in this film.


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