The Call (2013)


Starring: Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Michael Eklund

Plot: After 911 operator, Jordan (Berry), makes an error during one of her calls resulting in the death of a victim, she’s reassigned to teaching new operators. But when she’s in the middle of her training sessions, one of the operators receives a call from a victim that could be connected to the first victim. Pulled on a crazy chase to find the abductor (Eklund) and save the girl (Breslin) from facing the same fate as the previous victim, Jordan won’t stop until she finds him.

Overall: 2/10

Review: The originality of the plot seemed legit. However, after the opening scene, I was already turned away. It was so predictable, and the plot continued to be so the rest of the film. The originality of it was all lost by the middle of the film, and it didn’t even feel realistic because it fell into the clichés of these kinds of films. The only thing I commend this film for is putting the viewer into a realistic situation and forcing them to think of what they would do if ever found in that situation. And if you’re a viewer with common sense and have watched a million films similar to this one, you will sit there yelling, “YOU’RE SO STUPID” the entire film.


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