Man of Steel (2013)


Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe

Plot: The planet Krypton is nearing it’s end, and as a last effort to save their kin, Jor-El (Crowe) transfers the codec (sp?) into his own son, Kal-El, for whom he sends to live on planet Earth. Years later, the US government discovers the remains of General Zod—the man who claimed to be the protector of his kin—who eventually plans to rebuild Krypton using Earth as its foundation. The only person capable of stopping General Zod from doing so is Superman (Cavill).

Overall: 10/10

Review: Epic action scenes. I saw it in IMAX (not 3D), and it was phenomenal. There were a few hiccups in the film that I thought could’ve been executed better, but overall, those little details didn’t harm the film. The plot line was well developed and the new approach/perspective of the Superman was very creative and refreshing. It’s definitely worth seeing. I saw Superman Returns recently (yes, I’m a little behind, sorry!) and I really enjoyed it (minus the extremely corny scenes/lines). So if you liked that one, Man of Steel will certainly surpass that in the first ten minutes. If you didn’t like the previous Superman films, this one is definitely worth a shot because like I said, it’s a refreshing, creative approach to the previous films. Just like with The Amazing Spiderman, Man of Steel brings that crisp freshness to the mundane (yet, original) screenplay, and offers its viewers a new perspective of our well known superhero.

**NOTE: Definitely (if you can) see it in IMAX (and if you enjoy 3D, DO IT—I just don’t like 3D because it makes me nauseous)!


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